2013-2017 Hyundai Elantra GT (2012-2016 i30 GD) Ram Air BIG MOUTH (w/flare) - Intake Snorkel

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This is it. The biggest, baddest ram air intake snorkel you can get for the 2013-2017 Hyundai Elantra GT. Developed for better low speed airflow, and better overall mass air flow for tuned cars or big turbo setups, you also have ability to customize the color of the inlet flare and body. This is truly a unique piece!

It will bolt right on even if you have an aftermarket airbox on your Elantra GT, in fact it will greatly improve the performance of your stock or aftermarket intake setup.

Use the forward motion of your car, turn that motion into a reduction in vacuum work by increasing absolute pressure to your airbox. Increasing the inlet absolute pressure to your engine has profound effects on performance. Increases in air mass flow, reduction in wastegate duty cycle (for turbo vehicles) and reduced inlet and charge temps are some of the benefits of running a properly design ram inlet. On top of all that awesome performance comes the BIG MOUTH growl and sinister stare, it sounds and looks great!

When people see that massive inlet flare through the grille, they'll know you mean business!

For i30 and GT, please choose your 'grille style' BIG MOUTH based on the height you want for your bumper design. For a BIG MOUTH that sits higher up, choose years '16-'17, for a lower sitting BIG MOUTH, choose '13-'15 grille style.

Velossa Tech Design is a world leader in 3D-printed aftermarket automotive parts. With the ability to color customize all of our products, we are pioneering color-customizable parts made in the USA with over 28 colors to choose from (the combinations are endless). All of our products go through rigorous engineering design, 3D print optimization and post-processing for strength and longevity as well as aesthetics. All supplied hardware is stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. Our expertise in 3D printed automotive components is second to none - we like to push the envelope as we develop our own in-house strategies for 3D print production.

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