Frequently Asked Questions | Velossa Tech Design

Will water or rain hurt my car if I install a BIG MOUTH?
Answer: No damage to a car has ever been reported to us due to rain or snow. From our years of testing our products on 30+ platforms with thousands of miles driven in Florida torrential rain storms, we have never been able to produce any negative side effects after installing a BIG MOUTH ram air intake. However this does not mean that all cars are immune to issues that could arise with improper use or without considering the effects of harsh weather on aftermarket parts installed on your car. ALWAYS take great care when driving in the rain or snow, go slow, do not drive through deep puddles at high speeds and be cognizant of your surroundings.

Does my car require a re-tune after installing the BIG MOUTH?
Answer: No the car does not require a retune, however a retune by any reputable tuner will maximize your gains after installing the BIG MOUTH.

What is the warranty on Velossa Tech products?
Answer: We offer a 1-year manufacturers warranty on all products.

Why does my Focus RS big mouth not include an airbox seal?
Answer: We’ve discontinued the production of our custom airbox seals.

I am having trouble installing the BIG MOUTH ram air intake on my car. It may not be compatible with the model vehicle I have. Why may that be the case?
Answer: Certain products have different variations for different models. For instance, the Infiniti Q50 BIG MOUTH isn’t compatible with the Infiniti Q50 RS (Red Sport). We produce parts for specific variations of certain car models. If you are having issues with compatibility, please refer to our product catalogue and make sure you purchased the correct product. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Can I return a product that I purchased?
Answer: Our manufacturing is custom in nature, which means each product is tailored to each customer. We have a return policy page located at the bottom of our site if you would like more information.