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Company News, COVID-19, Manufacturing, Personal Protective Equipment -

Velossa Tech has taken the initiative to switch over a portion of our production capacity to making personal protection equipment (PPE) and ventilator splitters for first responders, law enforcement, and other members of our south Florida community. As of early April 2020, Velossa Tech has been able to produce about 300+ face masks and 250+ face shields. We are proud of all of our healthcare workers, social workers, and essential workers who must continue to be on the front lines to keep society running, we will continue to support you all by making as much gear as possible to help keep...

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Camaro, Performance Data, Real-World Testing -

Test Results Scope: To capture real-world data and capture efficiency metrics. Test Parameters: Test Date: 3/19/2020-3/20/2020 Test subject: CCNC 2018 Camaro ZL1 A10 Roto Fab Big Gulp Flex fuel kit (E41 during test) R88R’s PCM/TCM Calibration (did not change calibration for testing) Test Procedures: Perform 5 minute idle log (closed loop) and record highest temperature from IAT1. Perform 5 minute drive and record average temperature from IAT-1. Perform 2 minute idle log followed by smooth acceleration to 40mph and record time to cool (target was OAT or below). Perform 10 minute city drive and record average reading from IAT-1. Perform hard...

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Company News, Focus RS -

We're happy to announce the official launch of the Velossa Tech Design blog! We have lots of new and exciting products in the works for the enthusiasts that are wanting to increase their vehicles' performance. Ram air intake snorkels are just the beginning. Boost mass air flow with higher inlet pressures from a true ram inlet and smash your inlet temps back to ambient to keep your engine much happier. Keep your vehicle breathing so it's working to its peak. We'll also be showcasing customer rides, so feel free to drop a comment with a link to your Instagram profile for...

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