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"LIT KITS" Now Available

Check out our Bluetooth-controlled color-changing BIG MOUTH "LIT KITS" featuring state-of-the-art ram air intake snorkels.


We are Velossa Tech.

We are a company that is based on one thing. Innovation. Our team is composed of visionaries.

We aren’t just car enthusiasts - our expertise in mechanical design, aerodynamics, and product development allows us to take the auto industry to the next level.

We have a fleet of custom-spec proprietary equipment that are ready when you are. We design in-house, and manufacture in-house right here in the USA.

Our machines are set up for one thing: rapid production and customization. If you see something that you would like a little different, don’t be afraid, we welcome all customization requests.

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Technical Docs

Read our technical documentation which explains how and why our products work in addition to installation instructions.

Technical Information

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