2016-2018 Ford Focus RS BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake Kit

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Designed specifically for the new 2016-2018 Ford Focus RS platform. State-of-the-art CFD simulated, flow-analyzed and designed for perfect fitment, the BIG MOUTH always delivers the airflow!

Having a forward facing air intake duct is a great way to boost throttle response on your Focus RS, reduce air inlet and charge temps and increase airflow to your engine. Airflow is the recipe for power. We designed this ram duct to transfer all that yummy air pressure built up in front of your car during vehicle motion, directly to your airbox. The added flare assists in pulling in colder air at low speeds and at high vehicle speeds, the ram effect begins to kick in and help your EcoBoost breathe.

The BIG MOUTH ram air intake will work with your stock Ford Focus RS intake system or any aftermarket intake system.

We have discontinued selling the Ford Focus RS Airbox Seal due to manufacturing issues. Your RS will respond to the BIG MOUTH the same at high vehicle speed with or without the seal. Keep your Stock RS airbox lid on. Do not remove the stock RS airbox lid - the breather port on the RS lid runs in parallel with the big mouth. At wide open throttle, the engine produces vacuum and will consume both ambient air from the breather and high pressure air from the big mouth. Both the BIG MOUTH and stock RS lid breather port run in parallel and feed the engine in tandem.

Whether you drag race, roll race or drive spiritedly, the BIG MOUTH will give your Ford Focus RS the edge it wants and the top end it needs.

Check out our Tech Documentation to learn a little bit about what went into designing this legendary piece.

Velossa Tech Design is a world leader in 3D-printed aftermarket automotive parts. With the ability to color customize all of our products, we are pioneering color-customizable parts made in the USA with over 28 colors to choose from (the combinations are endless). All of our products go through rigorous engineering design, 3D print optimization and post-processing for strength and longevity as well as aesthetics. All supplied hardware is stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. Our expertise in 3D printed automotive components is second to none - we like to push the envelope as we develop our own in-house strategies for 3D print production.

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