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Velossa Tech ram air intake snorkels go through rigorous aerodynamic design, development, and testing to obtain the optimal shape for maximum performance. Maximum performance, in engineering terms, means minimum pressure drop (loss of pressure from the point the air enters the duct until the point it exits the duct and transfers air to the airbox). And on top of minimum pressure drop, the duct must have a net positive pressure gain while the car is in motion. Obtaining a net positive pressure gain is paramount to any optimized ram air intake. If the duct exhibits pressure drop that is too...

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Test Results Scope: To capture real-world data and capture efficiency metrics. Test Parameters: Test Date: 3/19/2020-3/20/2020 Test subject: CCNC 2018 Camaro ZL1 A10 Roto Fab Big Gulp Flex fuel kit (E41 during test) R88R’s PCM/TCM Calibration (did not change calibration for testing) Test Procedures: Perform 5 minute idle log (closed loop) and record highest temperature from IAT1. Perform 5 minute drive and record average temperature from IAT-1. Perform 2 minute idle log followed by smooth acceleration to 40mph and record time to cool (target was OAT or below). Perform 10 minute city drive and record average reading from IAT-1. Perform hard...

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