2017-2018 Ford Fusion Sport - BIG MOUTH Ram Air Intake System

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Your Ford Fusion Sport is begging for a boost! Give the beloved new 2017-2018 Ford Fusion Sport a true ram air intake system that was engineered for maximum air flow. The recipe for power is airflow, use the forward motion of your car to assist you in your search for more power. The faster you go, the more pressure builds up in front of the car, this newfound inlet pressure can be accessed with a proper ram inlet such as the Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH.

Our roots in Aerospace design and fluid simulations were put to use when designing the Fusion Sport BIG MOUTH, we take airflow seriously.

Like all BIG MOUTH intakes, the Fusion Sport BIG MOUTH works with your stock airbox or any aftermarket cold air intake system, this add-on is a must-have for people looking to optimize their intake. Fusion Sport drag racers, this one is for you!

NOTE: Water, rain, or snow does not adversely affect the performance of your car or the intake after the BIG MOUTH is installed.


High flow design: CFD analyzed for maximum airflow performance. The faster you go, the more air you get!

Front facing inlet: the highest dynamic pressure available is found directly in the center of the grille at the front of your car, conveniently where we placed the inlet! Use this pressure to give your induction system a fighting chance.

Custom colored flare inlet: you get to choose the color and customize it to your hearts content. Want sleek and functional? Go black on black. We can surely find a color you like with 28 colors to choose from!

Designed AND manufactured in the USA: quality and customer support without question.

Full color instructions available.

Current lead time: 1 week

Velossa Tech Design is a world leader in 3D-printed aftermarket automotive parts. With the ability to color customize all of our products, we are pioneering color-customizable parts made in the USA with over 28 colors to choose from (the combinations are endless). All of our products go through rigorous engineering design, 3D print optimization and post-processing for strength and longevity as well as aesthetics. All supplied hardware is stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. Our expertise in 3D printed automotive components is second to none - we like to push the envelope as we develop our own in-house strategies for 3D print production.

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